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Current Test Projects

Long Range

GHK G5 Sniper Project:

Test a Lambda 6.01x509 barrel before and after lapping. Groupings have been taken with the OEM Lamba barrel over 5 to 10 days of testing. The barrel will then be lapped to 10 micron and tested again over a 5 to 10 day period. Results analyzed in a tabletop discussion.

GHK G5 Sniper Project:

Test a PDI 6.01x460mm against a Lambda 6.01x455mm barrel. Groupings will be taken over 5 to 10 separate days of testing with each barrel. Results analyzed in a tabletop discussion.

AEG DMR Project:

Test a lapped Promethus 6.03x420mm barrel against an OER spec Lambda 6.01x455mm. After completion the Lambda 455mm barrel will be cut in 10mm sections searching for the length that gives maximum FPS using .40g ammo.

This project will give us interesting information about volume balancing for heavy BBs as well as more insight into Joule Creep.

Mid Range

DSG Project:

Test an Rhop against a Surgu patch. The ultimate test in cutting corners. Is it worth it?

Retro Arms Split Shell

20:1 9 Tooth DSG

ZCI 229mm barrel

Polarstar SCS nub

GHK G5 Carbine Project:

Test an accurate G5 with a Red Dot sight against the same gun using a Scope. A single data point found searching for a balance between quick acquisition and accuracy.

GHK G5 Carbine

MadBull Steel 363, lapped

Surgu patch & eraser nub

GHK G5 Carbine Project:

Does HPA make a GHK more accurate? We will take 3 groups of 10 shots each at 100ft and 200ft. Testing propane mags vs an HPA mag. Is the added size & weight constraints of HPA worth it?

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