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We keep several personal G5s on hand as primary guns for local events. The G5 platform can adapt to long range shooting, CQB, & everything in between. Tech specs of our builds are listed below. Each gun features an RHop or Surgu install on a lapped barrel. Each build needed to conform to different size and weight constraints while focusing on a specific BB weight.

If you want to talk about building your G5 to similar specs we can provide advice. Repairs and general questions are welcomed. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom.

Why the G5?

Lightweight, accurate, reliable, cheap.

You get the idea. The G5 lets us hop any BB weight efficiently while being able to use the same set of magazines for CQB & Long Range. Its an excellent tool for smaller games, or larger slow paced games. These guns can be pin point accurate, penetrate deep brush, & weigh in under 5 lbs. Running 7 gas mags does bring the total weight package up but the gun itself is very light, translating into steady aim for longer.

G5 Battle Rifle

-GHK 300mm barrel, lapped

-Stock bucking & Nub

-NC Star T1 replica

-1.6Joules w/ .32g

-6 Inches @ 100 feet on propane

GHK G5 Winter/HPA

Intended to make FPS in freezing temps on propane, this G5 doubles as a DMR in hotter tempatures.

-MadBull Steel 6.03x363mm, Lapped extensively

-Rhop & GHK Bucking with eraser nub

-Bushnell Banner 1-4x32

-2.1 Joules w/ .32g (summer)

-Accuracy: Excellent, yet unmeasured


G5 Sniper

This G5 was created to have an effective range beyond 100 yards. Firing at 4.5 Joules in the summer it is capable of well over 100 yards on propane with .48g BLS rounds. This gun has been tested a lot to learn more about long range shooting.

-Lambda 6.01x509mm

-Surgu Hopup & GHK Bucking with eraser nub

-Nikko Stirling 3-9x50mm with RMR clone

-4.5 Joules w/ .48g @90 degrees

-Accuracy: 3 to 4 inches at 100 feet

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