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What is lapping?

Lapping is a metal working technique that cuts material away improving surface finish. Barrel Lapping removes high points of the barrels surface on a microscopic level.

Once a barrel has been lapped properly it's inside looks like a mirror. This prevents the barrel from reflecting light back from a camera's flash as seen on the right.

Lambda 6.01 Right 2x Laps (Textbook Pic)

How can I get my barrel lapped?

If you want to send in a barrel you already own then send an email to to arrange the shipping. Return shipping time is 1 week maximum. Prices are as follows:

Stage 1, 20-28 micron:    $25

Stage 2, 10 micron:         $55

Stage 3, 5 micron:           $85

Stage 4, 1.5 micron:      $115

Stage 5, .5 micron:        $145

The 2 factors in determining price are how many passes will be completed and how many different stages of compound will be used. Each interval requires a cleaning stage and changing to a new lap & compound. This is why this prices are not linear.

How does a lapped barrel improve accuracy?

In airsoft guns the BB bounces as it travels down the barrel. BBs seem to prefer riding on the ceiling but have bouncing issues. This effect can be seen in nearly all guns using a camera in the barrel. See the videos to the left. The white impact marks are left behind by BBs & this effect has been seen in every gun we have inspected, except for one example.**

When the BB begins bouncing it picks up spin in random directions. This reduces accuracy. Lapped bores minimize interference with the BB. This modification results in improved accuracy and hopup. When a gun's barrel is lapped the hopup is able to hop heavier BBs at a lower setting.

When a Rhop is used with a lapped barrel the maximum limit for accuracy is within reach.

[ **Tippman M4 using an Orga 6.23mm.]

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