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About Us:

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NC Airsoft Armory is a small company specializing in accuracy upgrades. We import parts & offer custom services including barrel lapping & gun tuning.

With our website we want to publish test results to build knowledge. After years of tuning personal guns we bring this experience to you. We only offer services & parts that are cost efficient. Send us an email with any questions about your build & airsoft.

Airsoft modification is our world and we strive to get every ounce of performance we can from of these training replicas. We offer a broad range of services specially for increasing the range and accuracy of your gun. We also offer custom work across all platforms even including HPA/GBB systems Check out our services page and see if our solutions are for you.

Our Best Barrels

Lambda is a new brand on the Airsoft market. Located in Osaka Japan they produce Cold Forged barrels along with other products. Currently we have an experiment underway to determine if Lambda barrels perform on the same level as PDI, the traditional source for Cold Forged barrels. In field use has shown these barrels to be top notch.

Services offered:

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